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Nikola Dimitrov is serving the Lord as a Bible Teacher in the Body of Christ and is a part of “Life in Glory” Apostolic Christian Center in Stara Zagora, Bulgaria, Europe. ( At present, he is also the director of “In depth” Media ministry attached to the church – a ministry devoted to publishing progressive Christian literature in the Bulgarian language ( During his twelve years of full time ministry, he has also served as a pastor, traveling preacher, teacher, conference speaker, Christian translator, English teacher, Christian educator, and author.


The Lord has given Nikola a vision for the spiritual education of the next generation. The Church can have the greatest revival, but if we do not invest in our children, everything will be lost in about thirty years. Therefore, Nikola has a vision to work towards the publishing of Christian children’s literature of all kinds: evangelizing tools, Bible stories, Christian stories showing the Lord’s values and standards, games, a periodical magazine full of the word of God for children and much more. 


The Lord has also given Nikola a vision of a Prayer-Intercession-Praise and Worship Ministry that will allow people to come and intercede for the nations of the world, as well as praise and worship the Lord. The ministry will follow the example of David, and that is why it will be called “The Tabernacle of David.”


Nikola is married to a beautiful wife, Helen, and they have two glorious baby girls – Ani (which means grace) and Miki (which means like God).   


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The Four in One Gospel of JESUS
the four gospels combined into one, chronologically and contextually

The story of the life of our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ
as it is written in the Gospels according to
Matthew, Mark, Luke, and John;
professionally integrated

and diligently blended
in chronological order.

Compiled by Nikola Dimitrov

Layout, editing, and distribution by eBlessings






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The Four in One Gospel of JESUS  



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The Life of Jesus web site has as its purpose to provide you with a comprehensive, in depth study of the life of our Lord Jesus Christ and how we ourselves can experience and live it, in a simple and easy to understand format. 


 Please check out this new web site by Brother Nikola Dimitrov in Bulgaria




Here you will find state of the art The Four in One Gospel of JESUS project, as well as read practical nuggets of Biblical truths in the Jesus Walks section. The Jesus Articles corner offers thoughts on most frequently discussed themes about Jesus, and the Jesus to a child page will be a blessing to your kids, especially the youngest fellows.






Have you ever wondered about the chronological order of events in the life of our Lord Jesus Christ while He was on earth? 


Well, wonder no more!  The Four in One Gospel of JESUS, from the Authorized King James Version of the Holy Bible has the Four Gospels contextually interlaced in chronological order.

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ISBN: 1-4196-4680-X


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The Four in One Gospel of JESUS is the four Gospels compiled chronologically giving the fullness of each Bible story and of each Gospel. It is great for preachers, lecturers, studiers of the Word, and everyday Bible readers. With one Gospel as the base and the other Gospel books as supplements, this book gives complete stories and facts using all available information with not one scripture left out. All the Gospel text from each book, in this eight-year study, is blended in concise, comprehensive, and chronological order.


The Four in One Gospel of JESUS will aid you in your Bible study but is not to replace the Four Gospels. We know the four Apostles who wrote the Gospels captured the Divinity of Jesus from four different perspectives in multiple stories. This book is a combined chronology of these different perspectives of the life of Jesus.


 The Four in One Gospel of JESUS is a unique, Holy Spirit-inspired book which serves as an inspirational blessing which will enrich your life spiritually, enhancing your walk with God!



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ISBN: 1-4196-4680-X